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Since you are curious, here is a little bit of our story.

Frank and Beverly, owners of FtS Excavation
Frank & Beverly, FtS Excavation

As a child Frank dreamed about operating excavators and bulldozers. Before he was out of high school he had signed up with the Marines on one condition - that they train him to operate heavy machinery. Frank has over 25 years of experience with heavy equipment operation and has done everything on all sorts of large and small machines, from commercial work to road work, septic systems, housing developments – you name it!

If it involves dirt - FTS Excavation is the expert. We hire talented, experienced operators and pride ourselves in excellent workmanship.

A few of the services we offer are driveway repair, land clearing foundations, leveling, road work, land clearing services, dirt removal, excavation services, lot clearing, dump truck services, dirt removal service, site preparation, excavation and grading, retaining wall services, driveway removal, commercial excavation, utility installation, and underground holding tanks.

It's so important to start your project with an expert like FTS Excavation company to prevent issues from arising such as settling and standing water that can affect the soundness of the structure years afterwards.

Thank you for considering us for your project and passing along our name.

FtS Excavation,
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