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Our company serves Puyallup and Tacoma by offering residential and commercial excavaction services including site preparation, leveling, road work, land clearing and utility installation.

“We had a great experience in working with Frank. He never cut any corners but was always mindful of costs so as not to exceed our budget.”

Demetrius S. - Bonney Lake, WA
A beautiful green backyard with sunlight shining through the trees

Precision + Integrity

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our work. Whether its land clearing or building a retaining wall we ensure every job is completed with precision. Check out some of our past excavaction projects to see what we mean.

An excavator in the middle of a construction site surrounded by pine trees

Commercial and domestic services

If it involves dirt then we have probably done it before. Here are a few of the services we offer.

A stream in the woods during fall


We offer drainage installation as well as drainage repair. Surprisingly to some, there is a lot that goes on under foundations and retaining walls. Poorly installed drainage systems often collapse in just a little bit of time creating standing water and water under buildings. FTS Excavation services installs quality materials properly so that these systems are designed to last. We follow engineered plans when provided and can also problem solve and design and install non engineered drainage solutions depending on the situation. Our ability to creatively problem solve all types of groundwater issues is one of our fortes you won't find in other excavation companies.

A concrete slab


This is where it all begins. With the exception of land clearing, which we also do. Some of the components that goes into a good foundation is lot clearing, construction entrances, leveling, dirt removal with dump truck services, excavation and grading, drainage and compaction per plan specs. We do all these things with expertise so you pass your inspection the first time and can build the foundation with confidence. After your foundation is poured, we also will grade in a driveway, trench for utility installation and prepare topsoil for beautiful landscaping.

Wild country with trees and shrubs

Land Clearing

Do you have a parking lot project, a home build or perhaps leveling needed for a playing field? You'll need to clear the land. We have special excavation equipment that help us remove large amounts of brush quickly and dump truck services to haul it away.

An outhouse on a field of green grass

Septic & Drain Fields

We will dig for the tanks and drain fields as a subcontractor for a certified installer.

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Sloping or Leveling

We are the excavation experts for sloping and leveling. Once the land has been cleared, we can make those beautiful cuts you see in the land that slope down to a drainage pond or ditch. We can also add retaining walls, which require exact level, compact foundations with drainage for beautiful and long lasting results.

A black tire on a paved driveway


We are experts at preparing and repairing driveways. Often times driveways are installed incorrectly creating problems with water and erosion. That is why you should call FTS Excavation services to get the job done right. We can also repair potholes in road work or driveways so that they don't come back and so that water runs off the road instead of puddling in places creating new potholes. Whether you are preparing for paving, asphalt, or gravel, we can properly install a driveways and roads for your project that will last.

A traffic light

Public Utility Extensions

Whether it is public utility work needed to be done off a busy road, or whether it is a new home or commercial building project that needs to connect to power, sewer and water at the road, we have the ability and experience to handle it. FTS Excavation services will safely trench and prepare for your utility extension.

A pile of stone bricks

Stack Stone Wall

Our retaining wall services create beautiful stack stone walls that will last decades. Did you know that retaining walls must have drainage installed, giving them beauty and function? They are much more than just stones stacked on top of one another. There is compaction and backfilling with proper materials that must also happen for the retaining wall to last decades. Retaining wall services with FTS Excavation company can give you more usable, property, leveling an otherwise steep yard. Afterwards, you can install beautiful landscaping for a finishing touch.

Recent Projects

We are proud to showcase a few examples of the work we are doing in the South Puget Sound.

Puddle Problems

The church building was experiencing water collection underneath. FtS installed a curtain drain and rerouted the water to multiple catch basins.

October 01, 2021

Parking Lot Drainage and Refresh

Water was pooling up under the church building and in portions of the parking lot. FtS installed two catch basins to divert the water into a nearby stream.

September 29, 2021

Backyard Stack Stone Wall

This stack stone wall was done for a customer in Bonney Lake. It gave them an additional 15 feet in their backyard.

June 15, 2021

Service Area

We are proud to serve the South Puget Sound and parts of King County.

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