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What We Do

If it involves dirt, then we have probably done it! Here are a few of the services that we offer.

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A catch basin expertly installed by FtS Excavation in Puyallup, WA


Creatively solving all types of groundwater and drainage issues is a forte' of ours.

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Dug out trench for building works of new house concrete foundation on construction site.

Site Preparation

Make sure the project passes inspection the first time whether you are an individual developer or a prime contractor.

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a worker reinforces a concrete foundation


This is where it all begins. With our expertise you can be confident that your foundation will pass inspection the first time.

FtS equipment clearing land in Graham, WA

Land Clearing

Do you have a project in mind for that land you own? You will need to clear it first. We clear and haul debris away fast!

A new gravel driveway with concrete retaining wall.


Whether paving, asphalt or gravel our experts know how to install or repair driveways that allow water to run off so they will last.

A sloped yard with fresh paving stones from a birds eye view above the home

Sloping or Leveling

We can make those beautiful cuts you see that slope down to a drainage pond or ditch. We can also add retaining walls for beautiful and long lasting results.

A stack stone retaining wall installed by FtS Excavation in Puyallup, WA

Stack Stone Wall

Retaining walls require more than just stacking stones. To last decades drainage, compaction and backfilling with proper materials must occur.

A worker on a ladder climbs out of a trench where exposed public utility pipes can be seen

Public Utility Extension

Whether its a public utility or new commercial project, FTS Excavation can safely trench and prepare the site for your power, sewer or water utility extension.

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