September 29, 2022 Bonney Lake Patio

A view looking down on a new cobblestone patio installed in Bonney Lake, WA by FTS Excavation.

I estimate that the size of this patio was around 2,000 sq feet and it turned out beautifully. The customer had us put in steps and retaining walls and two different levels of patio. 

There are several advantages to a cobblestone or paver patio over other types of patios. They look really good! They also aren't terribly expensive. They are somewhat middle of the road depending on where you get the pavers. They will last forever. Unlike a concrete pad, pavers don't tend to crack with a little settling.

There are two keys to building the perfect patio. First, know how to properly prepare for the pavers. Second, attention to detail. The preparation for the pad and especially the first row are extremely tedious because they are key to laying the perfect patio. We really care about all the lines being perfectly straight and that you can enjoy your patio for many years to come.

There's some things to consider when deciding what kind of pavers to use. It's ultimately up to you, the customer, to decide what look you are going for. If money is a consideration then purchasing from the box stores like Home Depot or Lowes can save you a lot of money. Often times box stores will sell pavers cheaper than we can purchase them from the manufacturer because pavers are loss leaders. That just means the big box stores use the price of the cheap pavers to attract customers into the store so they can make money selling everything else at a good mark up. But if money is no object for you, then there is no end to the different options out there. Either way, patio pavers are a very attractive hardscape.

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