November 23, 2023 Building a Solid Future: Foundation and Drainage Work

Everyone knows you have to start with a good foundation. But even before that you need a good dig out. We can dig out, compact, and get ready for your foundation to be poured. We are general contractors (FTSECAL795DB) in the state of Washington, which means we can even oversee the installation of your foundation.

We do ADUs (accessory dwelling units), new homes, commercial, residential and even public works. We can bring in all the necessary utilities such as sewer connection, water, electrical and gas to your home. So yes, it's very important to start with a good foundation. That's why one of our three core values is integrity. It matters to us that we do what is right by the customer, even if the customer wants us to make short cuts, we won't. We'd rather pass on the work than do something other than what is best for our customers. Because at the end of the day it is about our foundation as a business. Integrity. You don't always see it, but it has to be solid.

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