February 03, 2023 Cobblestone

A brand new cobblestone patio installed by FTS excavation.

We had fun building this patio. It is a fun design with beautiful colored brick pavers chosen by our customer. We offer a large variety of shapes and colors in patio pavers and stack stones so you can let your creativity flow. 

As a result, it turned out even better than the customer expected. Now she has a nice large outdoor entry so that dirt is not tracked inside. She can stage outdoor furniture and gatherings in a beautiful clean setting.

Pros and Cons. There are many pros to cobblestone patios. They last longer than cement pads which will crack over time. Cobblestone patios drain better, and they look better. The downside is the labor required for proper installation, which means they cost more. But you do get what you pay for. We pride ourselves in our work so that your cobblestone patio will last longer than the cobblestone roads of Rome.

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