February 15, 2023 Dirt Machines

A new Kubota excavator on a trailer

Aren't machines the coolest? It's what every little boy dreams of. They build them so big they tower over you when you get close. They can be awesome. But bigger isn't always better. This little beauty is the newest member of our family. We purchased it this new year because the tracks pull in, enabling it to of fit through 36" wide openings. This allows us to access tight spaces in backyards and subdivisions. Often times, customers need drainage repaired or want a hardscape put in behind their house, and without this cute little machine, we'd have to take down the gate and/or part of the fence to gain access. 

If you have a drainage problem in your backyard, or you want a beautiful cobblestone patio installed, or topsoil spread, give us a call and we'll bring our brand-spanking new machine over for you and your kids to drool over.

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