September 09, 2022 Drainage - Auburn Green River Valley

Frank of FTS Excavation working in an excavator

The beautiful Green River Valley in Auburn, WA is so green an lush because of the large amount of rain it receives as well as natural springs which flow underground and join with the Green River. A couple who own a very nice piece of property on the hillside there in Auburn, have 3 of these springs flowing up and out of the top of their property. This is a great feature when it gives you delicious tasting drinking water for you and your neighbors to enjoy. But when it is unharnessed can turn everything to mud. This is where FTS Excavation comes in. These streams were previously diverted through flimsy corrugated pipe running over the surface of the ground and quite honestly, leaking every where. Thus, the water, dirt and mud problem was still a problem. Our FTS Excavation team came in and assessed the problem. One of the three streams was cleverly turned into a beautiful water feature emptying into an existing pond at the end of the property by the owners. The other two streams we captured into catch basins, running the water through heavy duty underground drainage pipes and into the proper drainage ditch. We also installed a french drain below the catch basin to capture overflow of these springs during the rainy season. The result is that now the property is usable for anything the owners want to do with it. They are able to drive over or cut the land out for sloping and leveling or any kind of permissible outbuildings or other features the owners want to create on their property.

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