September 16, 2022 Drainage Matters in Puyallup

A new drain pipe sitting on a gravel bed beside a house.

We frequently encounter problems with drainage systems that were previously installed under houses. Drainage systems can fail for a number of reasons. Often times people want to save a few dollars and install improper materials such as pipe that is not rated for that application. Sometimes pipe isn't even installed in the gutter or french drain and clean crushed gravel is the only thing draining the water away from the structure.

In situations like this, FTS Excavation will go in and design a drainage system to route the water away from the house using filter fabric, clean crushed gravel and the proper pipe. We can install french drains, gutter drains, curtain drains, dry wells, catch basins and other methods of capturing water and routing it away from the structure. We can also dewater property when the water table is too high.

We are not engineers, so when designing a site plan for a building that will be inspected or a retention wall that is higher than four feet, and other situations such as those, engineered plans are required. But there are often situations where engineered plans are not required and FTS Excavation can make suggestions to the owner or contractor for drainage devices that we can install for them. This can save you a lot of money on excavation services. We do not take responsibility for the functionality of the system. Drainage systems do need to be maintained. But we do guarantee that it is properly installed. And we have many five star customer reviews. We love to help people solve their drainage problems.

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