May 01, 2024 FtS Excavation Conquers Challenges in Pioneer Park Restroom Renovation

Puyallup's Pioneer Park restrooms recently received a stunning upgrade, thanks in part to the expertise of FtS Excavation. The renovation project, which began in Spring 2023, presented unique challenges that the FtS Excavation team expertly overcame.

The most formidable obstacle involved excavating a 13-foot depth in unstable sandy loam soil. Adding to the difficulty, groundwater springs continually threatened to cause cave-ins, requiring constant pumping to maintain a safe working environment.

Despite these complexities, FtS Excavation successfully installed a crucial wet well sewer lift station. Their work also encompassed routine concrete demolition, parking lot preparation, and the installation of a rain garden to enhance the park's landscaping.

Thanks to the combined efforts of FtS Excavation and Neely Construction, the remodeled restrooms are now a beautiful and functional addition to Pioneer Park.

FtS Excavation: Tackling Tough Projects with Skill and Precision

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