May 01, 2024 FtS Excavation Stabilizes Massive Retention Pond for Renton

In a demonstration of resilience and expertise, FtS Excavation recently completed a demanding erosion control project for the City of Renton. Their mission was to stabilize a massive retention pond, whose sides were at risk of collapsing.

The team faced relentless rains while installing over 80,000 square yards of jute matting to secure the steep slopes. They also tackled the buildup of silt at the pond's bottom, and enhanced the site's defenses with additional quarry spalls and silt fencing.

FtS Excavation's dedication in the face of challenging weather conditions ensured the long-term stability and safety of this vital Renton water management infrastructure. Their work is a testament to their skill in erosion control and commitment to project success.

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