November 23, 2022 Gutter Drains

A gutter drain spout installed by FTS Excavation.

Have you ever been in a building that has settled? Perhaps it is a slab on grade (concrete floor) and you can feel the change in grade of the floor. There can be multiple reasons for settling, and our job at FTS Excavation is to dig a foundation that will have minimal settling once the building is finished. One way that we ensure this is by installing gutter drain systems that take the water from the roof down the gutter spouts and out via drainage pipes to a system that will take the water far away from the foundation of your building.

This is a picture of a gutter drain. It's a very important, but under-appreciated part of every building's foundation. If a contractor tries to cut corners and use improper materials, these systems won't last. We are not those guys. We care about the future of your project and our reputation for installing quality products.

When drainage systems do fail, one might experience water in a crawl space, erosion around the building, shifting and settling. We can come in and install a new drainage system around an existing foundation. Yes, we do that too.

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