January 27, 2023 Hardscape in Federal Way

A hard scape installation in Federal way features a slide and stairs by FTS Excavation

FTS Excavation is featuring another completed hardscape. We really enjoyed working with a creative customer to make her backyard dreams come true. This project featured rambling, tiered block walls, brick stairs and a large patio. Don't forget a slide for the kiddos. You might be asking yourself, how can one be sure that it won't settle, shift and come apart with time? After all, the materials alone are not cheap. No one wants to have their beautiful new hardscape come apart. Well, Dear Reader, like everything we do, we take pride in a job well done. It's important when building hardscape patios and retaining walls to dig down to load bearing soil. We layer the gravel, plate compacting it in between. Then we lock it in with sand. Our brick paver patios are built to last for centuries just like the Roman cobblestone roads that can still be walked to this day.

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