October 28, 2022 Stack Stone Wall in Graham, WA

A new stack stone wall installed in Graham, WA by FTS Excavation.

Stack stone retaining walls serve dual purposes. First, they are aesthetically pleasing hardscapes that can make your property more usable. Secondly, they provide drainage, which is extremely helpful in the drippy wet climate that we enjoy here in Washington state.

You pick the brick. We install it to last. You can pick stone from a variety offered by manufacturers such as Mutual Materials. Or you can pick the bricks from a box store such as Home Depot or Lowes. Getting them from the box store will save you money because they often sell the same products coming straight from the local manufacturer as loss leaders, which means that sell them for less than they paid for them just so they can get you in the store.

We take great pride in preparing the foundation for these walls because we know that we do it better than anyone else. The foundation almost always includes drainage underneath. If this is not done, rain water will cause the land it is holding in place to push it out and destroy the wall over time. When the foundation and drainage are prepared properly, the outcome will be beautifully straight lines that will stay in place for years to come. The pictures featured in this blog is from a local project in Graham, WA.

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