November 16, 2022 University Place Driveway Drainage

A dry driveway after the gravel is replaced by FTS Excavation.

Installing a catch basin is a very simple project that can greatly improve a Washington driveway that has a problem with standing water. This project was located in University Place. Catch basins are set at a low point in the ground and capture the water and take it somewhere... They can route the water to a dry well if the ground will perk. Or if the ground will not perk, it might be routed from the catch basin through underground pipes into a ditch or storm-water system. 

Each property is different and the drainage issues have to be diagnosed in a similar way as an auto mechanic would diagnose a vehicle. Sometimes it's a no-brainer. The battery is bad, for example. Or it might be more complicated. The mechanic narrows the problem down the best that he can through a series of tests, then tries the easiest and least expensive solution to solve the problem. If that doesn't work, then he/she tries the next simplest solution. That's how we approach a problem. We investigate what is most likely to fix the problem and suggest the most cost effective solution first.

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