January 26, 2023 Yard Improvement

A yard improvement featuring a stairway up to a green lawn by FTS Excavation.

Sweet memories. This is a picture of of the yard we created for our very first customer. When we first arrived on the scene, it was full of brush. It was overgrown and undeveloped. We took out trees and brush, and gave it a gentle slope. We installed the top soil for the grass, which has grown up beautifully.

This customer has had us back several times and referred us to his neighbors. The steps you see were installed by FTS Excavation just this summer. We're often surprised at how many repeat customers we have with homeowners since excavation work is not what you'd call "cheap". We care very much about our customers and their projects and we believe that is why our company continues to grow. 

Do you have a backyard that is undeveloped? We'd love to come and turn it into the park you envision. Call FTS Excavation for a free estimate.

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